Do-If-Two Cookies


This hybrid is born from two amazing Californian strains with a great history behind them.


Its mother, Girl Scout Cookies, comes from the San Francisco Bay Area from a hybrid between Florida OG Kush and the legendary F1 Durb. Among its effects we find a mental effect of great positivity and happiness. On a body level it produces a great level of muscle relaxation that will not leave you indifferent. As for the taste, it has hints of chocolate with touches of mint.


Its ancestry, a Face Off born from some incredible OG Kush buds circulating through California's best growers back in the 90's, makes for a very Indica-dominant plant that produces very relaxing body effects coupled with a sweet, earthy, piney smell and taste.


Do-Si-Dos Cookies is a hybrid that brings together the best of both strains. Predominantly Indica, it will lead you to an incredible level of relaxation coupled with a mental bliss that will make for a great end to the day. The taste is a mix of earthy, floral and sweet aromas that will delight any grower.

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